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December 2023 Wrap-Up

Yet another month flew by and now we cannot believe 2024 is here (by the time the blog is posted)!

We spent this month preparing for the end of the year. Both the morning and the afternoon crews wrote Christmas cards and letters, wrote out envelopes and mailed them, frosted Christmas cookies, and decorated the tree. We also assembled simmer pot treats for parents and for local businesses. As always, we continue working on socializing, cooking, cleaning, and playing games as well. We finished with a Christmas party complete with ax throwing for first dibs on festive socks, more cookie decorating, and watching a movie. 

Mid-December we welcomed Brittany onto our staff. We wish Kay all the best at her new job.



Have you heard about CASA of the Fox Cities? It is a program to pair an advocate with each child entering the welfare system. Earlier this month, Bryanna and Shannon partnered with the Heart of the Valley Chamber of Commerce to assemble kits for advocates spending time with their kids. They are always looking for donations and advocates. 


Many of the clients at Inclusion love helping us cook. Measuring using measuring cups and measuring spoons might be the most sought-after job, so we have also added a jobs box where they can measure rice to their heart’s content. You could do this with cotton balls or Cheerios if the idea of rice is too daunting. If they don’t get the measuring job, many clients then volunteer for cutting. We’ve been slowly adding to our adaptive tools to assist with this, including this adaptive tool to help cut things that tend to roll. This one and this one both allow the individuals to cut one-handed. If you aren’t ready to do knives yet, there are safety versions, or you could do a chopper. We highly recommend cooking with your family members at home to continue practicing these life skills. Have a lot of fun, and don’t be afraid to get a little messy!

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