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September 2023 Wrap-UP


This month at Inclusion has been all about getting to know our awesome new clients and setting up routines and schedules. Our clients have been learning their way around the kitchen as well, brushing up on kitchen safety and making simple recipes. Each day, clients serve themselves for lunch and make their own snack. We have also been teaching basic cleaning skills to promote independence and a clean learning environment.


Our community shout out this week is to Innovative Growth LLC.

Innovative Growth provides exercise therapy to work on goals and needs tailored to each individual client, no matter the ability. They offer one-on-one therapy or group sessions in a sensory-friendly gym.


What we have found is that many families do not have enough information about post-graduation resources, so today we want to share a little information about IRIS.

IRIS is a self-directed long-term care option for adults with developmental or physical disabilities over the age of eighteen in Wisconsin. If you are financially eligible for Medicaid, you may have access to IRIS funds from the government. With a predetermined budget, a consultant will help you set up and manage a Support Plan to meet functional, employment, and social long-term care needs.

For helpful resources and links to applications, please check out this website for more information. Inclusion Community Center, LLC is a vendor through IRIS.


Does your family member benefit from having visuals?

Inclusion Community Center uses visuals daily for schedules, tasks, and routines to help promote independence. We LOVE the Icons for Slides and Docs extension in Google Chrome. In minutes, you can create simple, high-contrast visuals for whatever is needed for free!

For those who struggle with communication, we also love using recorded buttons. To introduce them to clients, we record clips of favorite songs or movies to initially promote the use of the buttons, with a visual taped to the button. When the interest is there, we change each button to simple phrases for making requests (“milk, please” or “I want a movie”) which allows for independent communication. The recordings can range from seven seconds up to thirty seconds.

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