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We Are Open!

Welcome to the Inclusion Community Center. We are so excited to be a part of the Fox Valley community, and provide a place where people of all abilities can come together and learn. We promise not to flood your inbox–our goal is to provide you with details about our programs and provide resources for you and your families to help with the transition from high school to post-graduation and beyond.

We wanted to take a moment to quickly introduce our staff. Shannon, Bryanna, Toni, Kaila, and Kay all have backgrounds in the education field, a total of over fifty years! As educators, we recognized the lack of resources and abilities of schools to, despite their best efforts, provide ample support for their transition programs (special education students are able to stay in school until age twenty-one to work on independent living skills). We also understand the need for working closely as a team to create a positive environment and enriching learning experience for every client. We are beyond excited to be able to provide additional programing and resources in our community.

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